Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Bought A Business. Need Suggestions On POS/Inventory System, Etc

Bought A Business. Need Suggestions On POS/Inventory System, Etc

Hello, this is my first post so apologies if anything is wrong or this isn't the place to ask it. As the title says, we (technically my parents but I will be helping with it) bought a small business. We bought an art gallery that does some outright buying but also consignment of different types of art (paintings, jewelry, sculptures, etc) along with we have our own framing "department" if you will. My parents owned a video rental business back in the early '90s but have not since about the mid-'90s, so they are not completely new to running a business. I was wondering what suggestions this community had/could help me with. I know there are a lot of questions so if you only have a suggestion on one, that is fine. Any help is truly appreciated. A POS system. Previously they have just been using handwritten receipts but we are looking at a POS system.

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Also every truck need to have satellite communications and engine monitoring systems for load tracking, delivery of individual parts is also scanned by using new innovative cross-dock scanners. With all of this new features developed and the centralized approach working the financial part needed to be clear as mud. Penske would provide drivers with an easy and simple set of procedures for accounting purposes. With the new Freight Billing System Ford can now tell which plant is producing less or which one is producing the most. 700 inbound and 500 outbound trailers move in and out Ford ODCs per day with most loads carrying at 95% capacity, unused docking space is being extremely high resulting in a 15% inventory reduction. The Penske Logistics center is also a success providing a single point of contact instead of 20 different points for logistics purposes. Penske not only work for their benefit to grow as a company but they have shorten expenses to Ford by reducing six ODCs and leaving four in full capacity so that new assembly plants can be created for production purposes.